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  LUXURY POOLS & SPAS Offers the very best  in quality craftsmanship with durable products, great warranties, at a fraction of the price!

  We are committed to saving you money without compromising the integrity of your future pool.  Needless to say, LUXURY POOLS & SPAS will beat any bid offered by our competitors..


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LUXURY’S No hassle Liner replacement!

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LUXURY POOLS & SPAS can help..

Liners come with a 20-YEAR pro-rated warranty


- In-ground Pool Installation

- Liner Replacement

- Upgrades

- Monthly Maintenance (pool cleanings)

- Pool Start-Up

- Winterization

  We carry a wide range of beautiful, durable liners, all custom made to specifically fit your pool’s exact dimensions. Manufactured using only the highest quality vinyl material in 20 and 28 mil., these Liners resist puncturing, algae, mold, mildew, and bacteria.

  Let’s get started.  Once you’ve decided on a Liner a date is scheduled for the construction process to begin. Day 1.  After pumping out the water from your pool, the existing Liner is sectioned off and removed. Repairs are made (if needed) and measurements are then taken. Day 2. The dimensions are faxed off, checked for irregularities, and a confirmation email is received to await the go-ahead. After everything is looked over and approved, permission is then given for the manufacturing of your New Liner to begin. This process can take up to 4 days with another 3/5 days for shipping.  Day 3. When your New Liner arrives it is carefully positioned in your pool, suction applied, and the water restored.  Day 4.  By this time your pool should be about full. Startup chemicals are placed in the water and your circulation system is reinstated. After a quick cleanup YOUR READY TO SWIM!  

Another reason to choose LUXURY POOLS..

  We realize from time to time questions or concerns about a product or the function there-of may arise. For this specific reason LUXURY POOLS & SPAS gives to it’s existing customers, 3 Months of FREE Service Call Evaluations.  Anytime a situation comes up where additional information may be of some assistance, simply call and schedule an appointment and LUXURY POOLS & SPAS will be there to help.

  Rectangle  16' x 32'


  Grecian  16'6'' x 32'6''

These simple yet brilliant designs are easily installed and coincide with any type of housing structure.  Built using tough life time guaranteed polymer walls and anchored with over a foot of concrete at the base, they're assured to stand the test of time.  Ideal for exercise or play these stunningly beautiful and well constructed in-ground swimming pools are the perfect addition to any families home.  Construction time is usually between 7-14  days to completion.

So call today,  and start enjoying one of

life's most sought after luxuries now.


Weekly Maintenance


Relax this summer!  You've earned it! Sign up with Luxury Pools and let us worry about

keeping you pool clean.  We'll come out on a weekly bases, checking and adjusting the chemical

levels in your pool, vacuuming the bottom to help prevent algae growth, and backwash your filter

to keep your water pressure strong.  Along with great service you'll also enjoy the ability to look

at the schedule for the month on a secure page, make changes if necessary, and even pay your bill on line.

Pool Start-Up


Don't waist any time when it comes to opening your pool this summer.  Call LUXURY POOLS &  SPAS! We can have your pool up and running with crystal clear water in as little as 3 days.

Everyone likes the filling of coming home to a clean house.. or stepping outside to a well kept yard.  This summer extend that filling to your pool.  Luxury Pools & Spas  is offering 44 different high quality liners, each with it's own unique color and pattern, guaranteed to bring new life to your backyard as well as your pool. Don't spend another summer starring at that same faded marital.

Liner Replacements


Sizes 16x32 and smaller

For sizes up to 20x40




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